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Mark Hodowanec

The Artist Formerly Known as the Freak

I believe it was January A.D. 1976. The winds whipped around the tress and the banks of snow in Reading, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile inside St. Joseph's hospital, 2 incredibly loving and lucky parents were delivering an 8lb. 9.5oz baby boy. The method was Caesarian section. The doctors had determined that the baby's incredibly large feet were simply too big to deliver naturally without posing a health risk to mother and child.

While holding the most beautiful baby he had ever seen, the doctor administered a spank to the infants taught buttocks. Expecting to hear the usual cries, he was shocked when the baby peered at him through squinted eyes and said in an eerily calm voice, "You $%@#f!@#... Do that again and see what happens!" The parents, overjoyed that their incredibly handsome baby boy was healthy proudly exclaimed "we shall call the boy child, Mark." Thus, the legend was born.